Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Greens #5

4" x 6" original watercolor

This one was Linda's request. I thought
it was a boring view point...until I painted
it. The greens were roped along the fence
with red bows at each post. I focused on
just one post, hopefully giving you the
illusion that it continues.

Linda was in the kitchen all day getting
ready for the kids coming home. Even
though they are only here one day there
is lots of favorite foods. There will not be
a blog tomorrow (Tuesday) we are driving
to DC to pick up Abbey and Ben. Frankly I
can use a day off, I have painted all day and
half the night every day for several weeks.
So one day to let the brushes dry sounds good!
We are planning to leave early and attempt
to spend
the day in Georgetown getting new
subject material. Great doors and windows if
the weather cooperates. I packed the hand
warmers ~"hot hands"... I buy a box to use when
I ride! ~i
t is to be cold! If it is to cold to be
out all day plan B is to go to the Natl. History
Museum. Abbey works till 5 so we will get
home late, traffic out of DC should be fun.
But well worth it to have Abbey and Ben home!!

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