Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Greens #4

4" x 6" original watercolor

Today I painted a still life. Apples
in a basket surrounded with greens
on a deep window sill. Outside, a bit
of snow on the grass.

I actually slept in till 8:00 this morning.
There have been to many late nights
painting this past week so I needed a
bit more sleep than usual. Jason was
here early so I made us all waffles. I
was at my desk by 11. All I worked on
today was this blog painting. No matter
how skilled I get it still takes at least 5
hours to paint a blog from drawing to
finished painting. At 5, Linda and I went
to Borders Bookstore for coffee and research.
I check out all the art magazines and Linda
was checking out France. It was a nice
evening out.

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