Monday, November 3, 2008

17 Days till Open House!

Behind the scenes of Open House...

I get glass by the case and it needs to be
cut to fit my frames. I had 22 cases to cut
So here is a photo of the artist risking life and
limb cutting glass! The scraps filled 2 boxes...

No hi-tec machines
for us!!

Supply Orders...
Next on the schedule is ordering supplies. We need
an educated guess on the number of prints we will sell.
The idea is not to run out during the Open House.
All of my prints are available during Open House.
I offer 5-10 of each, framed in a variety of mat choices.
Plus 50 each of the new prints. This requires a very
large order of supplies. Tomorrow I am driving to
NJ to pick up 500 frames. I save a large shipping
fee plus time by going for them. Don't even think about
this bill...

To frame one print takes 2 pieces of mattboard ~ a
cream or white top and a colored inside, a piece of
barrier paper, and backing board. Linda needs to
calculate how much of everything we need because there
is not enough time to reorder. This large order came
last Thursday and Linda has been cutting pieces for days.
Keep in mind, 500 of everything. It is done with a ruler
and an exacto knife and a heating pad for her shoulders
and some motrin for her hands. Once the pieces are cut
there needs to be the hole cut in the mat for the print.
We have help with the hole part. When ordering you
cannot forget the double stick tape, hangers, screws and
wire. This is another large bill you do not want to think
about! We also offer unframed prints. These need
what is called foam board as a back which needs to be cut
to fit the size print and then we "shrink wrap"them.
Here is Linda shrinking 25 each of the new prints and
several each of my older prints. Once they are sealed in
plastic she uses
a heat gun to
tighten them.
This job takes
I get my moneys
worth out of
this employee!!

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