Friday, October 31, 2008

20 Days till Open House!

I did not get a lot of painting accomplished today.
I went to pick up my new prints. Also picked up
our invitations. Packed my van and went to set
up for my weekend show. Returned home by 5:30
in time to be in charge of trick or treat. Finally I
am going to get a little paint on my paper.

Behind the Scenes of Open House...

Labels and Numbers...
I consulted Linda's Open House schedule, there really
is one taped to her desk! Very organized, which is what
every artist needs! Next on the list is printing
the 6500 mailing labels. This takes a while and I was
informed it is time for a new printer. Ours was jamming
and it was not going well. Then "number the book". We
have a binder with all the prints and their numbers and
who purchased each print... I have no idea why except
Linda likes to know this kind of thing. I personally never
looked up a number or checked who owns which one...
But I do get in a little trouble when I forget to write the print
number on the receipt, it messes up her bookkeeping!
She also ran pages we use to take a phone order. She is
good at designing papers, I just have to fill in the blanks,
pretty much dummy proof. These are numbered so you
are sure to get the next print number available and we fill
the orders as they come in. And you guessed it ~ the
order sheets go in the "orders" binder!
That's it for tonight. Tomorrow is the scheduled "label the
invitations" day and remember I am out of here!

You can find me at:
Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsman Holiday Show
at the Berks-Lehigh Campus of Penn State University,
Reading, PA Sat. 9am-5pm and Sun. 10am-4pm
$4.00 admission ~ excellent quality
There is a $1.00 off coupon on their website!

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