Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sky Reflections

5" x 5" original watercolor
I borrowed this photo from a student during
class so I could use it as a demonstration.
I was attracted to the sky's reflection in the
water and the bit of sea foam rolling ashore.

With my new students I was trying to help them
learn to really look at their subject and have a
plan. When you paint realism with watercolor you
need to understand where you are putting the paint.
I strongly encourage a good sketch.

I had my favorite students in class today, this was my
advance class. They all come with a painting they are
working on and only need a bit of the masters guidance!
I enjoy how they all have completely different styles and
are working on who they each are as artists.

Linda was busy getting yard sale items together. At least
the weather should be nice. We just got word that Jason
is quitting Hershey as of Friday. Linda is so disappointed.
She worked so hard to get him accepted and we really feel
this is his best chance at a good education. To allow him to
quit because he is unhappy... what 13yr old can make wise
lifelong decisions. Linda is disappointed today but I think by
Friday she will probably be mad, and that is not pretty!

I am thinking he will be getting an earful and some unpleasant
new rules at the Smith house. I plan to just keep my nose
in my watercolors!!

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