Sunday, September 28, 2008

painting lesson...

I am back! I needed some time off from the daily painting.
That is not to say I did not paint! In fact I painted all day
every day just not on the mini paintings. I have several
paintings to share, I am painting for my annual open house.
First, I finished the bottles that you saw on 8/19 and 9/2.
The size is 24X18"

I am very pleased with this painting. I love the the
way the cabinet looks and the glass jars turned out great.
Next, I finished another 24x18" painting I had started...
I was intrigued with the round structure and how it
affected the way I drew and painted the bricks and
the view of the window. Again, I am happy with the
I have had several requests to actually attempt to
give an on line demonstration. So that is what I am
going to do all this week instead of posting a daily
finished painting.

Step 1 For me is to study my subject. I mean really look
at it. I work from my own photos but it is the same if you
paint from life. Get a feeling of perspective, shapes and
color. Take it apart in your head... like a puzzle.

Step 2 I always do a study pencil sketch. I work out
all my problems in this drawing. The sketch is only 5X7"
I focused on the perspective.
I also studied where my
shadows will fall. I almost
always do a sketch when
working on a major painting.
I actually enjoy this part.
It sets the painting in my mind.

Step 3 Paper prep... I use Arches 300lb cold paper
which I measure to the size I want and add a 1" extra
border which I line out. Then I take a heavy piece of
cardboard or foamboard and I use masking tape to
tape down my watercolor paper. (no, I do not soak it)

Step 4 The drawing. Yes I still draw by hand. I
personally think it is what gives my paintings life. It
makes it not quite perfect. I do not see me ever tracing
or computer manipulating my work. I do not need to,
I have worked hard at the skill of drawing, it is part of
my art form.
It was important for me
to create a depth of space
in the room. Notice the line
I used to form the ceiling
and the floor. These lines
contain all the elements of
importance in this painting.
This painting needs a strong
perspective to make it work.

That is it for tonight. I think you can click over each
photo to enlarge it so you can study it. Feel free to
comment or email any questions so far. Tomorrow I
will move on to the beginning stages of under painting.

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