Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday check in...

Again I did not work on a blog painting but I am
painting! I spent several hours at Willow Valley
this morning as their "artist in residence". I chatted
about my style of painting while I worked on the window
painting I said I wanted to start. I had the drawing
ready so I was able to start layering washes of paint.
I return on Thursday so I will finish it then.

Here they are
watching my every
brush stroke! You
better be pretty
confident in your
skills to have this
group watch over
your shoulder!
Click the photo's to enlarge.

I think I do a good job teaching and am always looking for
places to lecture or demonstrate (for a small fee!). I am
willing to travel if the price is right. So feel free to share
my info with any art leagues you are connected with.

When I returned home I started the last landscape in my
series, I painted that until 5:00 dinner. Then we had Yoga
class and now that I am all limber I may paint a bit more.

Linda added a few more "housecleaning" paintings to
eBay so make sure you check them out.

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