Wednesday, July 30, 2008


6" x 4" original watercolor $200.00

I do not know much about sheep, except that
I enjoy the way they look. This one was pretty
woolly. There was a yellow tag in its ear. After
I painted it I thought I should have left it off
but it was to late to change it.
I simply wanted to paint something
totally different for today.

I painted... I went back and put another two hours
into the large painting I thought I finished yesterday.
When I looked at it this morning I could see where
I needed to spend a little more time. Then I
worked on this sheep.

We have been having a lot of questions about pricing
on the mini paintings and
some confusion about what
happens when they do not sell. So Linda laid out
every one and pulled out some that we do not want
to put out on the show stand. Over the next few days
these will be put on eBay at
a very low opening price,
which is a super good deal for you. And Linda feels good
about cleaning out the studio! After that she checked
every blog entry and updated it, adding sold or the
current price. So there is now a price on everything rather
than have you contact us to ask. Hopefully this clears things
up. She was glued to the computer all day.

Jason had a family dinner with us and then we took him
back to Hershey School. He was bored and wanted to go
a few days early. Hopefully next year he will stay all
summer. He is moving into a new group home and his house
parents seem very nice. We hope he has a good year.

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PAT MEYER -- said...

He looks like he is peering into our lives. Great composition.