Tuesday, July 29, 2008


5" x 5" original watercolor

This painting is another study for a large
painting I have planned. It goes with the
blog from 7/17, on this one you see the upper
part of a window. Here you see the corner of
the same window with a bright orange flower.
I need to clarify the premise of offering my Painting A
Day painting on ebay is to offer a chance for people
to win a painting at a special price. To allow you a chance
at owning an original painting. This is a one time offer, I
always hope it sells for more than the opening bid! If the painting
does not sell on eBay, I frame it right away and put it out
with my other paintings. If you look on my website under
originals you will get a better idea of
my normal prices.

Again, I painted all day. I did the blog painting and I finished the
first landscape that goes into the gold frame. I will show them to
you when the frames get here. Linda and I went to Yoga tonight.
And I plan to work a little bit yet tonight.

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