Thursday, July 24, 2008

Heron #2

5" x 5" original watercolor $225.00

This is my second Heron. I have a client
who wanted one and I wanted to give him
a choice of two different poses. I painted a
lot of wildlife when I first started painting.
Over the years I just do a few because I enjoy
it. I am not a wildlife artist, not every feather
is correct, I go for more of an overall feel.

I painted all morning while Linda was busy with
my Mom. In the afternoon we ran a few errands,
went on another hunt for a gold frame, and volunteered
at the food bank in the evening. I am finishing
my blog and then need to prepare for tomorrow.
Somehow Linda roped me into having 30 kids
(1st to 4th graders) stop into the studio for a tour.
They are scheduled for an hour.
They are from a local summer camp and are walking
here. My studio is not that large, or very exciting to a
7 year old... I thought about having them paint something
but could not make that work so I am thinking of a
quick demonstration piece I can do that will keep their
attention and still take up time. Don't get me wrong, I love
kids and will have a fun time. If your looking for a little
excitement stop in at 10am!! After that I need to pack
the van. Its almost not worth packing because the show
is a block away from the house. Saturday is the Lititz Art
show. Its free so consider a visit to Lititz.

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Susie Galvin said...

I just checked your blog...As a striving watercolorist, I really enjoy your paintings...Very alive...