Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday update...

I had no time to paint a blog piece today.
A client stopped in at 9am and then it was time
to get myself together for the kids! I ended up with
two sets of 10 each. Much better to handle.
They came for a tour of my studio and a demonstration.
The first set came at 10AM and another set at 1PM.
I mowed the lawn in between.
We had a drawing for the paintings I did for them and the
winner got to take it home. They are my future collectors...
Of course I realized by the time they are out of college
I will be in my 70's... that was a shock to figure out.
But with no retirement I guess I will be painting until
I can no longer hold a brush!!

I spent my evening setting up my tents and display in
the park. Easy show for me since I am a block away
but it still all needed to get there. Lititz is a really cute
town with shops and several cafes and the show has
a really good selection of art. So you may want to consider
a road trip, gas here was $3.89 today...

Lititz Art Show
Rt 501 held in the Lititz Springs Park

Space: #B 154 in front of the pavilions
Saturday from 9am-5pm
Rain, shine or heat!! Free admittance

for show info:
for info about my town:

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Cheryl said...

Andy, I think it's cool that you are taking the time to show kids that art is a good occupation - good for you! Hope you have a great show - I wish I could drop by but it's a pretty far Sunday afternoon from Calgar, Alberta, Canada.
If you ever want to paint the rockies, look me up. I can see them from my balcony.