Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pottery #7

4" x 6" original watercolor

My challenge was in making this watercolor
look like a glazed piece of pottery.
For the artistic; I painted warm ochres first
and placed cool blues and greens over them
to achieve this effect. To give a little more
interest, I brought a budding maple tree branch
inside to use in the foreground. A small
reminder of Spring.

It was a hectic morning here at the Smith house.
There were several things happening all at the same
time and non of them my painting. Linda finished
painting our upstairs family room and was ready
to switch sofas. A good friend stopped in to help me
with the move. The one coming downstairs was a sleeper

sofa weighing a ton. I am not as young as when it went up!
We struggled for a bit, left a divot in Linda's nice new wall...
The one going up was leather and "could not be scratched"!
Also major heavy. When it comes down, moving men
will be moving it! While all this is happening, very nice
new clients drove here from Delaware and needed attention.
Linda was trying to do my Moms laundry, and our cleaning
lady was trying to clean around us. Our every other week
cleaning is a pretty big deal for Linda, and nothing interrupts
that! I squeezed in painting and track and even finished up

before 10pm!

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