Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chair and Oriental Rug

5" x 5" original watercolor

Today I used items close to me to form
this composition. I used my living room
rug as my backdrop to one of my favorite
plank bottom chairs. Simple but I think

I actually had this painting almost finished last night but
it was just getting to late. So I finished it this morning.
Today was really filled with things I needed to get
accomplished. Linda had a "honey do" list a mile long!
All the spring things that need done around the house.
But much needed bike ride. Oh how wonderful
it was to feel the warm sunshine on my face! Then off to
track practice. Yes, a Saturday practice. Thank you to all
my dedicated sprinters for all the hard work you put in.
I know they read my blog!! You make me look like a good
coach! Then it was home to my list. We cleaned out our shed,
worked on our yard, hauled out an air conditioner, and after
lifting the sofa the other day the air conditioner felt light! We
vacuumed the car, we ran for a pond net, we stopped at the
newly opened Freeze & Frizz for dinner. But my list is not
complete, we moved furniture back into the newly painted
living room which is finally livable. I had a cable issue but
worked it out with tec support. Its now 9pm and feels like
midnight. I am stopping!

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Anonymous said...

nice painting...
basically came to you log looking at title as oriental rugs but found a great painting by you and that really great...