Sunday, March 23, 2008


6" x 4" original watercolor

I used the same concept as the orange from
Thursday, 3/20. I went with a banana on
a green cabinet. This is simply an exercise
in painting a still life as realistically as I
possibly can using watercolors.

We had a fairly quiet weekend here at the Smith
compound. I had a sprinters workshop scheduled
for Saturday morning and I had to cancel due to snow
showers. I really needed it because I am unable to
give all my kids the attention I want to give them. We
have a home meet on Tuesday and not enough practice.
Snow also meant no bike ride. We had a date night with
friends, saw a movie and had a light dinner. Today
was quiet; Linda's parents went to visit her brother
and my Mom did not want to go anywhere. So Linda
puttered in her garden while I painted then took a much
needed bike ride. We are having some drywall work done
in our second floor living room so I need to go unhook
the TV and move some furniture. I know whats next,
I see paint swatches laying on Linda's desk! I am much
better with the little brushes!

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