Friday, March 21, 2008

Moran, WY

6" x 4" original watercolor $250.00

Since I live on the East Coast I am in total
amazement of the landscape in the West.
I was flipping through my photos from a past
trip and it felt like I was there again. I had to
paint something. This scene is from Moran, WY.
You just do not see an empty road in PA! And
the rocks, what a wonder, I can only attempt
to paint them, not do them total justice.

Even when I have a little trouble getting motivated
there is never a lack of material at my fingertips.
It's the variety that excites me. Look over my week;
a petite basket of yarn, a really excellent pond of lilies,
a gondola, a still life of an orange and now the hills of
WY. I hope you enjoyed my week!

I did a little volunteer work for our local food
pantry this morning. Called a bike riding buddy
to give me a hand and we got it moved in no time.
Came back home and painted all afternoon. I did
need to take a bike riding break and got in 31 miles.

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