Friday, February 1, 2008

Waterlily #3

5" x 5" original watercolor

It was cold, rainy and generally miserable here
today so it was necessary for my sanity to paint
something bright and warm. I often focus on
a single lily but today called for three blossoms.
They range from off white to pale pink boasting
yellow centers and floating on a pond full of pads.

What a week...I'm talking about my painting. Just scroll
down and look at the variety of subjects. I even impressed

myself. I am a little excited; I had fun this week, especially
painting the car. I need to see some exciting bidding for even
more inspiration!! Comments are always welcome!
I can't
possibly get bored, there are just too many subjects that interest
me... Linda spent the whole day on show applications, yes again.
The show schedule is slowly coming together unless I am not
accepted. That messes things up.
It looks like a quiet weekend
here. I am sure we will do something with friends but I am
planning to get some paint on my big painting. I will share the
progress. February 1st already...

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