Thursday, February 28, 2008

Roof Top #3

6" x 4" original watercolor $225.00

I used this painting as a demonstration
piece for my class. It is a great study in
clouds. Notice the birds I added for a
little interest

Other than my morning "snow make up" class
I had the day to myself. It was nice to not have
any running around to do. Tonight we met three other
couples for dinner. I realized how lucky we are,
we have been friends with this group since our
kids all ran track. I learned we are all celebrating
our 30th wedding anniversaries this year. It is so rare
to have friends all married so long. We have 10 kids
between us all and they are all college educated,
happy, pretty well adjusted kids. It is just nice.

I must take time to brag. I have two students who
have won awards recently. So I want to congratulate
John, he took "2nd place watercolors" and the "Peoples
Choice Award" at the Lancaster County Office of the
Aging Senior Art Exhibition. Also congratulations to
Pat who placed 2nd in the Lancaster Art Association
Garden Show. I would love to take credit for being a
super teacher but the fact is these two are very good
artists and I am proud to have them in my classes.

I think a new hook for me could be;
Andy Smith, teacher of prize winners!!
I have a show this weekend and set up is tomorrow late
afternoon. I need to pack in the morning. I will share
the show info in tomorrows blog.

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