Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bittersweet #2

5" x 5" original watercolor

I painted whis window as a large original
but without the hat. This time I wanted
to paint it the way I saw it. This is the inside
of a potting shed and features a study in textures.
I like the woody look to the bittersweet in the
foreground. The window and gardening hat
brings you into the scene. The berries add a bit
of color.

It has been busy here. Yesterday started with my
9:30 morning class. Then I had an eye doctor appointment
at 1; my eyes are fine. At 5 I had a track meeting and then
my evening class at 7. Somewhere in there I managed to
create a mini masterpiece! As I was writing my blog last
night I had to stop because we learned that Linda's
grandmother had passed away. She just celebrated her
94th birthday a few days ago.

Today I had my men's prayer breakfast at 6:30am
I took my Mom to her hairdresser while Linda
worked at Meals on Wheels. We had a family dinner
and by the time we cleaned up it was time to teach my
"snow make up" class. The good news is I finished another
good painting and I am finished before 10pm!

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