Monday, January 7, 2008

Washington, DC #7

4" x 6" original watercolor

I get a little kick out of painting scenes that could
be from anywhere. It is from Georgetown so it
fits under my Washington series. This is another
study in perspective. You need to really look at it.
There is an iron gate in the foreground. Mentally walk
through it, and you step up to the door of house
number 1219. In DC it appears to be warm enough to
still have geraniums outside. You already know
from my previous DC blogs that I had a nice sunny day
to give me good shadows. I am using this as a study
piece for a larger painting, which I will show you the
steps as I work on it.

We had a busy but good weekend. Abbey made it home on
Friday night which made Linda happy. They were chatting at
the table and at midnight I went to bed, it was 2am when Linda
climbed in. Saturday morning my girls went to see PS I Love You
and both came home with red eyes from crying, best I can tell, they
liked the movie but cried through the whole thing. Glad I opted to let
them go together! We then ran Abbey over to Ben's house for the
rest of her weekend. In the evening, we went to visit with old faithful
clients, they are not old, they have just been clients for years.
We had a nice evening. Sunday, Jason was back by 10am. Linda
got him packed while we went for a bike ride to burn off some of
his energy. We took him back to school and then met friends at
the movies. Saw "The Debaters". I highly recommend this movie.
It's a must see. The weekend went by fast and its Monday already
and back to the paints.
My watercolor classes start tomorrow.
Evening class is full but there is still a little room in the morning.
Just show up at 9:30am if your interested! One of my favorite students
husband is in the hospital and my thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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