Friday, January 4, 2008

Washington, DC #6

6" x 4" original watercolor

This may not seem like it belongs in my
Washington series however it does. As
we were walking past the gorgeous homes in
Georgetown this is a window that I found.
When you study it, there is the outside view.
A window with part of the shutter and good
shadows. Then there is also the inside still life.
A stuffed bear with a left over holiday ribbon
and the hint of a houseplant.

I bought a few new brushes today and used them for
today's painting. I knew my old reliable ones had worn
points but was surprised at how the new ones preformed.
I get my little thrills where I can! I am not an artist that
needs expensive brushes, in fact my students often have
better brushes than I do. I am also not very careful with
them, often leaving them set in water, so great brushes
are not meant for me. I am particular about my paper tho.
I spent the morning repairing a neighbor kids bike; he is a
college student and wanted to take it back with him so I
needed to get it done. It was after two by the time I started
painting and I just finished. Abbey is on her way home to
spend time with Ben's family for a belated holiday gathering.
She is spending the night here so you can guess where Linda
can be found...yes, the kitchen! She is whipping up a Moravian
sugar cake as I write. Already made the requested chex mix,

using a special worcestershire sauce that does not have anchovies.
Personally I never knew they were in there but my kid is a
strict vegetarian. Learn something new everyday, go ahead,
check your bottle! There is also a homemade tomato soup.
Now I am not complaining...but Abbey should come home a
little more often!!

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