Saturday, December 29, 2007

Washington, DC #1

4" x 6" original watercolor

I spotted this gate while walking in Georgetown.
The wreath was still hanging but without a ribbon
or decorations; sort of an "after the holiday" feeling.
What attracted me was the sunlight streaming across
the white wood. I used some artistic licence and
added a blue sky. There was actually a building,
but the sky gives the impression of much more
beyond the gate.

I am back after a few days off. I did not paint over my holiday.
I helped in the kitchen and hung out with the family. We had
to drive Abbey and Ben back to DC on Christmas day so we
found a good price on a hotel, the cost of parking is a whole
different thing, no bargain there! We stayed at the Hotel
Washington with a great view of the White House and the tree.
Linda kept the curtains open all night so she could see the view.
While I did not paint, Linda designed the two days to inspire me
and give me new subjects. We spent most of the 1st day in the
Corcoran. They featured the photography of Annie Leibovitz
and Ansel Adams. Talk about inspiring! Abbey took her birthday
day off work and spent the day with us. Our beautiful daughter
turned 24. I know, I do not look like I could possibly have a 24
year old! Ben met us in the evening for a delicious dinner. The next
day we met Abbey at her Gallery and
she gave us a tour. We also got to see her new office. I can now
say that she was promoted. She has her own office with her own door
and a new title, Development Events Coordinator. What a feeling
to stand in your child's office, to know she is doing well, is employed
and is happy. To now be the parent of an adult! I am not ready!!
Anyway from there we caught a bus to Georgetown. We walked off
the main shopping streets and wandered around the homes. A feast for
my eyes, and new subjects to paint. So my plan is to paint DC for a
few days.

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