Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday #9

4" x 6" original watercolor

I am told this is a Winterberry bush. Linda took
the photo from Longwood Gardens. Not exactly
holiday but the bush is loaded with red berries!

I missed yesterdays blog because I used the whole
day to finish my commission. It is done, framed, boxed
and in the mail! Now I can concentrate on my blog.
I was driving through town today and noticed some great
decorated doors. I plan to go out tomorrow to photograph
a few. Linda is mildly stressed, she informed me "we"
have not even started any Christmas shopping, and we
still don't have a tree. It feels a little different when there
are no longer children in the house. They mostly care about
the cookies at this point! They are not home long enough to
notice a tree! Linda grew up on a Christmas tree farm so
for years we went home to her Dad's for a tree. Then he sold
the farm and we had to come up with a new plan. We started
going to Elizabeth Farms in Brickerville where you ride a
horse drawn wagon to the middle of nowhere and saw your
own tree. You are paying for the whole experience. We still
did it last year because Jason was with us. Now its just the
two of us...not sure we still need the experience! But Linda
can't quite just go get a quick tree. It still has to be perfect...
We also have had this tradition of making new ornaments for
the tree each year. Somehow Linda came up with a new idea
and we all made them together. Past years get recycled some
where else in the house. I am not seeing signs of a new idea...

I will keep you posted.

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