Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday #13

4" x 6" original watercolor

Downtown Historic Lititz, PA decorates several
blocks with these old fashioned stars made from
wood. They are placed on the gas lamps that line
the streets. I worked from a night scene to show
them glowing. This one had a huge evergreen
tree behind it so the star shows up well.

I am getting interrupted to much right now and cannot get
enough painting time. Yesterday we simply did to much
volunteering. There was a load of food to pick up for the
food bank, then while we were there I offered to take a huge
load of cardboard boxes to the recycle place. I am thinking
carrying the boxes up steep steps should equal some time on

an elliptical trainer, hence keeping me in shape without gym
fees...anyway I am trying to look at it that way. We also
worked with a boy that needs community service time so that
was another two hours. Linda needed to run a few holiday
errands so I was her driver. I squeezed a few brush strokes
in every free moment. But by 11pm last night I still did not have
it finished so it was on hold till this morning. Today was more
errands and more volunteer work, which I believe in, its what
we are meant to do,
but it all comes at once. This time of year
everyone wants to donate so we have to go get it. Linda was
working at her desk all day and actually paid one of our helpers
to finish baking our cookies!
I am going to start tomorrows painting now because I take my
Mom to the foot doctor in the morning. All that going on but I
must say I am still pleased with my Holiday series of blogs. I
have been able to paint well thought out pieces with a nice variety.
I totally enjoyed the ones inspired from downtown. I have 4-5
lined up on a ledge so I get to look at them until they are sold.
Even if I managed more time I don't think I would make any changes.
Hope you also enjoy them. Feel free to right click over any painting

and set it as your computer screen saver. But tell everyone that
sees it that its my painting! Help spread the word.

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