Monday, November 5, 2007


5" x 5" original watercolor

I went with a waterlily today. A great study
in the contrast of shadow and sun with reflections.

My past weekend went well. I balanced selling
with working on a painting. It was nice to
exhibit with such a high caliber of artisans.
For all the new clients visiting my blog for the
first time, bare with me while I get through
my open house. I just cannot devote the time to
the blog that I did earlier. It is a delicate balancing
act! 11 days to go and the stress level is rising!
Another $2000. worth of frames arrived today.
You know what Linda is doing tonight. She had
a long pleasant chat with our daughter today so that
has her in a good mood! Abbey may be home to help
out at open house.
My website has been updated, you can now
order the new prints on line.
Wow, it is only 7:30pm and I am posting my blog, that
is almost a record. Ok, I am back to work for a few
more hours, I have a large painting that needs my attention.

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