Wednesday, November 7, 2007


6" x 4" original watercolor

This is actually part of my fall collection.
It was temporarily put on hold while
concentrating on other paintings. I found
this inspiration at our local market. A
box filled with apples.

This has been an exciting week. I started cutting
the mats for all my new original paintings. I
love watching them come together. There is a
wonderful sense of accomplishment. If you go to
my website and click on "Originals" you can view
some of them. Linda spent the morning getting them
listed. Titles and prices will follow after all the framing
is finished. I am also so excited, Linda worked on
this new framing concept for my small pieces. They
are mounted in a shadow box, giving a contemporary
look to the paintings. I can't wait to show them to
someone. Also today we started putting
the display panels up in the house. It is coming together.
With all that going on, Linda had a training session with
her web guru. She works with several and I never know
what is going on, I can't keep up, I just reap the benefits!
I am getting a little nervous overhearing chat about
something wireless and a web cam. They mean business,
the little TV is already located in the bottom
corner of this blog. She's just waiting for some cash to
come in for the gadgets. I am sure there will be a big
announcement when she's ready...
She also learned how to put a live auction thingy below
this painting... Now I need some bidding to watch it
really work. Don't embarrass me with no bids on a live auction!
Man, if anything happens to my darling wife I am in trouble.
Without her I will be off line and back to snail mail in a flash!!
Don't worry, I know how to keep her happy, she just needs
a few hours in her garden every now and then.
Enough about her and back to me! I am really
happy about the direction my painting are going. My colors
are more vibrant and it feels like my paint just flows. I
can't wait for open house to start so I can show off my new
paintings. Hope you are all planning a trip to the studio.

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