Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pottery #5

4" x 6" original watercolor

I had a general idea for today. I sketched the
antique brown jar on a shelf, but then was
stuck with what to put aside it. Follow my
thinking here... I was munching on some
tic-tacs and had the little box in my hand and
just decided to use that. OK, maybe I did not
give it as much thought as I should have.
However it was handy. I actually had it drawn
in when Linda walked by and glanced over my
shoulder. You can imagine how the conversation
went... "bla bla bla... fine, then you find me
something else to put there..." Don't tell her
but I had to agree, the old paprika tin looks better.

Sunday should have been a day of rest, but I
painted. We put food away in the local food bank
for a few hours and returned Jason to Hershey School.
I can safely say I would rather be an artist than a
teacher/counselor to 44 boys returning after a one week
break and all sleep deprived and sugared up!!

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