Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Green Pepper with Grape Tomatoes"

5" x 5" original watercolor

Just shaking things up a bit, keeps me
from being bored! We had these veggies
left over from open house and I laid them
out on the counter to ponder using them
in my salad. I liked the colors together and
thought I would give it a shot. Linda
wanted to see them without my usual dark
background, let them stand on their own.
It took everything I had not to fill up the
background!! This is one to add to my crisper
more contemporary pieces. FYI the pattern
in the background is the deckle in the paper.

For Thanksgiving we took the family out
to brunch at the Host in Lancaster. They
had a very nice spread. It was overwhelming
for my Mom. We had to use a wheelchair.
It is hard as a son to recognize certain things
may be over. I do not see her able to go again.
We had beautiful weather so I managed a few
spins on the bike...and painting. Linda is glued
to her desk catching up with the bookwork and
getting organized to fill orders for the new prints.
She is in her glory, her computer tower was
recased in silver/black with ports in the front
and she now has a new flat screen. Thank you to
her computer geek... he knows who he is!
Slowly we are catching up with modern equipment,
making life easier and faster. Jason has been home
all week so that is an added distraction. He goes
back to school tomorrow.

The studio is open by chance or appointment. I
suggest you call to make sure we are here but we are
trying to stay home. (In between care giving
and some volunteer work!) There is still a good selection

of original paintings and plenty of framed prints.
So, call and visit us.

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