Monday, October 29, 2007


6" x 4" original watercolor $200.00

I have been painting large painterly pieces lately
and I wanted to paint something just for myself.
To experiment with angles. This was an interior
hallway. To the left is a hint of steps going down.
The light from the window draws you back the hall.

I painted all weekend, late into the night without
much of a break. Ok, I did take a short bike ride
but I was right back to my desk! Linda, her Mom
and a friend, Becky and her daughter spent the
weekend stuffing, licking and stamping 6500 envelopes.
Our annual Open House mailer is ready to go to the
post office. My new prints are here and I am pretty
excited with this years selection. 18 days...
Everyone mark your calendar for Nov. 16-18.
Its almost 10pm and I am going to cut glass for frames
for an hour or two. In case you think all I do is paint!

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