Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday the morning

Happy Labor Day, blessings to you.
It's another weekend...
I show at a one day beach show in NJ and that
leaves me the rest of the holiday off. We are leaving
shortly and staying overnight with friends near the
show. I show Saturday then on Sunday we are taking
Jason into Washington DC to see Abbey and Ben
and go to the zoo. Jason has 7 more days till he leaves
for school. For those that asked about the school, here is
the link.

I had a great painting week. It felt good and I enjoyed
what I worked on. I am also almost finished with a

very large painting that I have squeezed in for the past
2 weeks. I need to concentrate on my new open house
paintings and figure out what I will print this year.
No pressure!!

The Show: SEPT 1
Held on the Boro Hall Lawn ~ 6th & Central Ave.
Seaside Park, NJ 10AM-4PM (free admittance)

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