Wednesday, March 13, 2024

2024 Water #2

mini original watercolor  $225.

A dock... It is simple subjects that intrigue me.

We both enjoy cruising. Chilling all day, I paint, Linda reads and entertainment all night . We often do not even get off the ship. We have toured many of the islands in the past. Usually we leave out of NY and this time we left out of Miami. I missed sailing past the Statue of Liberty!  The ship was very much geared to Latin music. Our first (and last) cruise in March. Lots of kids and lots of 20 yr olds on spring break, very few wheel chairs and walkers.  A different experience.  We were both so careful washing hands and using sanitizer and we still brought home a bad cold/cough.  Linda is worse, she has a doctor appointment. Tested negative for Covid but it is a nasty strain.

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