Monday, February 12, 2024

Toooo busy

I did not have enough time to paint a blog today. We started the morning with Linda having a bloodwork consult. She is all good. But a foot problem sent her for an X-ray. The doctor had Left on one part of the referral and right on another so we had to wait an extra half hour to get that corrected. Now we are hungry so went for a late breakfast, then a not so quick stop at the mall and the grocery store.  I am starting a mini but can't get it finished in time to post.

Commission Update:  I have worked on my tree.

I promised a story. January was the opening of Glendale Flour Mills (antiques) and we decided to go. They are open 2 days a month. It is a good hour drive. Linda said, should we take the suburban. I said NO, we are not buying anything that big and I think we should set a limit of $150. She may have rolled her eyes, I'm not sure! So, we go and right inside the door is a beautiful painted pie safe. I fell in love. I measured it and it will not fit. Believe me I tried. May have been more eye rolling... I offered to come back for it but Linda was saying no. We get home and decided to sell 2 benches to make room. Here is where I say our daughter is after us to work on downsizing... and we have tried. 2 pieces went out the door and only one came in. That's downsizing, right? Anyway the Mill was open last week for February, we called and it was still there, meant to be right? We may be getting a bit tooo old to be lifting but we got it in and it is perfect.


Melanie said...

I absolutely love the pie safe AND the humorous story behind the purchase as well. Life is Good!

LindaG said...

You DID have to have it, I just love it and it is PERFECT for the spot, and the math works!! Miss you guys, Linda Groves