Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Only 2 days till Open House

Busy Busy!    I am finished painting and now helping get ready. Linda, Lori and I worked off a long "to do" list.   I shop-vac'd the basement so its clean if we need to restock plus Lori, our helper has a big thing against spiders so I had to really clean!   Moved the framing supplies to the basement. Set up the back room for sales. Cleaned the backroom windows, personally I think you should be looking at my paintings not out my windows BUT they are clean. 
I am not sure what this has to do with open house but I was asked to put away the patio furniture and get out the bird feeder...
I taste tested the new hot drink, "Hot Butter Beer" with no beer but hot cider, and with or without rum. It was very good and we will be serving it!   I packed up my paints which admittedly were all over the kitchen. The squirrels ate some pumpkins so I went on a pumpkin hunt.  You get the idea!!

A bit more to tease you with...put on your wish list, available on Friday 11/17 at 2pm.
These are larger originals (no mini's or prints)

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