Wednesday, August 9, 2023

2023 Window #10


 mini original watercolor $250.
Williamsburg,VA is always close to my heart!

I am planning to be at my 2nd show for the year...
The BIG Lititz Rotary Craft Show.
This Saturday from 8-4. FREE!
I am in my usual space B4 on the square (Broad Street) in front of the entrance to the Sutter's Courtyard.

Health Update: Tuesdays Oncology appointment went well.  He felt I did better than he hoped and he got me as far as he could.  The MRI showed nothing there!  There will be no more chemo or radiation.  Currently there is a 70% chance of it coming back.  He is handing me off to the surgeon on Thursday to discuss the next steps.  Decisions to make about surgery.  At the moment I have NO restrictions.  I may have a glass of wine and I may ride my bike (IF I can sit in the saddle!!)  The surgeon may have something different to say...

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