Monday, April 24, 2023

Window # 5

original watercolor   $225.

I simply loved the light on this one.

Andy Walkers Update: Saturday was a special walker I was looking forward to.
My buddy, John H. We go back to 1978 when I was riding the train from Lancaster to Paoli (at the time I was working at my Dads body shop) and John was a young kid. I am guessing 12-13?? I was about 25. John was riding the train to school. I think John started the conversation about how much he knew about the train, and the conductor always looks out after him, he talked to me a mile a minute! He really did know all about that train. We started a special friendship that has lasted 45 years! He lives up the street from me, and we wave and chat often as he walks by, he sits with me at any local art shows. He has attended many open houses and we simply enjoy each other. He really is my buddy, and his family is also very special to me. We had a great walk, and he talked a mile a minute!!

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