Tuesday, April 11, 2023

"A" is for "APRIL" and "APPLES"

Another Apple print for "April"

$65 unframed OR $135 Framed 22x20"
You can order on line... or send an email.
Pick up at the studio or shipping available at cost

I know April is not summer but there are apples in this print! This is a beautiful print, a still life but a landscape in the background. It was from the Canterbury Shaker Village.    My favorite part is the shadows on the windowsill but check the folds on that tea towel.

Andy Walkers Update: My Sunday walker was our daughter Abbey. She is home from NYC for a week. We met in December of 1983 and she stole my heart! It has been my privilege to to watch her grow up, I could not be more proud.  We took a 3 mile walk.  It is always nice to spend time with her.

Health Update: Chemotherapy #6 was Monday and Abbey came along to keep me company. Also a thank you to the Owens family for my hand-made beanie with UCI World Championship Cycling colors!  It is keeping my head warm.  It is interesting what is happening to my hair.  My armpit hair is gone... and my nose hair is gone.  Did you know your nose hair keeps your nose from running... I mean constantly dripping with extra drip with the chemo!  Now the little hair I had on my head lost its afro kink.  It is now this thinning soft straight mess that gets cut real close so I need the hats because my head (and hands) are always cold.

CLAIMED!!   And last...because I like to see who reads my blog to the bitter end!!!
FREE to the 1st person to send an email and claim it! 
If you are a past winner you are not eligible!
"THE VIEW"  original watercolor - UNFRAMED, value $500 painted in 2007.
framing available $60 
18x14" - shipping available at cost

There is an APPLE for April!!

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