Monday, April 17, 2023

2023 Window #4

mini original watercolor $225.

From the grounds of Wheatland in Lancaster PA.
I spent hours on the bricks!

Weekend Blessing update:  Home-made, beautifully wrapped Apple cake shipped all the way from CA from Geri W.   We met Geri and her husband on our Ireland bus trip and have stayed in touch!

Big THANK YOU'S to Peg T. for her still warm,  home-made Irish soda bread, beautifully wrapped in a tow.  We put half in the freezer for later!
Margie H. dropped of flowers (can't have too many flowers around!) and a gift card.
Eldonna F. Sent a Barnes & Noble gift card with the nicest note about getting lots of food so she gave food for my soul!  Loved it.
And a gift card to Panera from Marilyn H.

And John M. dropped off what feels like my monthly apple pie (2 pies, one is in the freezer!) and apple cider donuts plus soda bread and cookies from Delicious Orchards.  Thank you to everyone.

We were blessed with our daughter home for the week.  She left Saturday.  She was able to go to the Cancer center with me and be home for Chemo week.  Kept trying to push kale on me!  Kale is not appealing when you already have food issues!  It is so weird what your mouth/taste buds do when on chemo.  This week is my good week and Linda has all new walkers lined up.

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