Wednesday, March 29, 2023

2023 Landscape #9

original watercolor $250
From my walk in Strasburg PA.

A good client, Don T. has been collecting my work since 1997 and has 32 originals and prints.
He has downsized to a smaller apartment and is in his late 80's and continues to buy!

Blessing update: Today was my 5th Chemo disconnect day and it was so nice to come home to MORE blessings...
A box of whoopie pies from Leia and John K. An inspiring book from Rose Ellen. And from Trish K. away in Maine she is thinking of me and brings back a hat!

And in the mail was this special gift from Siobhan and George O. This was a family project, Siobhan came up with the idea, George came up with the colors and Dottie (Siobhans Mom) actually made it! The colors are UCI World Championship Cycling colors with the main color changed to black so I don't get the slippers dirty! How cool is that!!! A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE!

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