Monday, February 27, 2023


I finished my Sunflower commission, client loves it!

Keep me in mind if you want something special painted.

i had NO time to paint today.  But so many Updates to give you!

Blessing update: Some fabulous pumpkin bread was dropped off by John & Bonnie. Yes, I ate some before I took a photo! I couldn't wait, I had this before so I knew what I had!

Andy Walkers Update: I had so many volunteers they wanted to start right away.
Before I was mentally ready!
Friday was George M...  We met when our daughters were in Middle School track (I was coaching) We watched our kids grow up. I talked George into riding bicycle with me and we have been in the same Men's Prayer Group about 20 years. A good friend.

Saturday was Joe B...  We met in 1978 while Linda was working at Doneckers. We have some pretty interesting stories over the years.   We went to a party in  Reinholds PA, at the time I don't think anyone there ever saw a black man, someone started the rumor I was  Curt Warner (
Considered the NFL's greatest undrafted player )  I looked nothing like him but we did NOT correct them!   We rode bikes together and had a few crashes together! The kind of guy I can call anytime I need something.

Sunday I THOUGHT was going to be my day of rest... NO!
John C... was my walker. His wife is one of my watercolor students and I met him through her. He also rides bikes!

See a little pattern here? (bike!) All three walks offered great varied conversation and, don't tell Linda but I have actually been enjoying it.

Health Update: Well I hit a bump in the road today. I was scheduled for an infusion however my blood pressure spiked to 203/110.  They tried IV lasix (diuretic) to bring it down and it did NOT work. We packed up and I had to rush to the ER.   OK so here is a chuckle... I had so much lasix I had to tinkle every few minutes. Linda had to pull over in Lancaster city on the way to the ER and I peed in some bushes. Looked like a homeless man!  But I was DESPERATE!!  That was pretty funny!   ER did nothing, upped my BP med and said to call the family DR. . Appt 930 tomorrow
IF it goes down I am infused on Wed, disconnect on Friday but toxic till Monday, throws off all the upcoming weeks. Throws off my walkers schedule.  We will adjust...

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