Sunday, January 15, 2023

2023 Bird #10

SOLD!   mini original watercolor   $275.

A Northern Mockingbird is the bird du jour.

In the Studio: 16 more days to order the print special I am running for the month. Scroll back to January 3rd to see the deal.

At Home: We packed in some "friend" time this weekend. Friday was subs from Lititz Pizza and Icecream from the new Leola Fox Meadows with Hildebrands. Saturday was breakfast at Idas Cafe with Woodruffs and Sunday was brunch at Rachels with Woodruffs and Linns. Overwhelming friend support which I will explain tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your YouTube studio tour video & your art blog- you have such a special talent & warm spirit! Sending you many well wishes & prayers your way!!