Thursday, December 29, 2022

After Christmas check in...

After several days in NYC with our daughter and Ben we repacked, gathered our friends John and Bonnie and headed to our favorite house on the bay in Mathews VA.  Celebrating Christmas together.  I kept a fire going the whole time as a gift to Linda, she loves a fire!  The holidays are so busy for us, we celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary on Christmas day.  I know... who gets married then, but we were married at home with only our family.  Its not the wedding but all the years that add up!  Then 4 years later Linda spent all Christmas day in labor and at 1:39am on the 26th we had a home delivery of a beautiful daughter.   There is a theme here with all our events taking place at home!    So we also celebrate our daughters 39th birthday.  The celebrating will continue on the 1st, but we will talk about that later!

We had matching family PJ's!  So much fun.  We did a timed photo outside in 22 degrees just to have a photo of us all and the view.  The views with sunsets and sunrises is always spectacular.
We were planning to go into Williamsburg but it was just tooooo cold.  We hung out at the house, ate and drank way to much. The girls did a Christmas puzzle, the guys read.  We also squeezed in a little football.  There was some napping going on.   Bonnie wanted so desperately to enjoy the outside deck but it was freezing.  She managed to bundle up and find a bit of sun on her face, I couldn't help but take a photo!
None of us were ready to come home...

Meanwhile a client gave one of my house commissions as a Christmas gift.  I am told she cried and hung it right away.   I am always so relieved when everyone is happy.

I plan to start some "winter" and "snow" mini paintings the beginning of the new year then some of my annual "bird" paintings.  Gathering subjects now.  If you have a bird photo that YOU took and want to share it, send an email.  Also anyone living where there is snow and can take a snowman photo please send it!   IF you have some Christmas money to spend hang on to it, some great paintings are coming.

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