Monday, November 28, 2022

Holiday Prints almost sold out... Updated 11/30

Thank you to all who helped make my Open House a success.
We spent today getting the studio back in order, carrying supplies up from the basement. Linda was organizing orders for tomorrows framing and boxing.

There are 5 Holiday mini prints almost sold out. Just incase these were on your wish list... DO NOT WAIT!  You can order on my website OR send an email  OR make an appointment to stop at the studio.

They are framed 8x10, mostly in walnut frames and only $35.  Linda offers FREE gift wrapping!
Shipping available at cost.

Mittens ~ 5 left

Plantation Holidays ~ 6 left

Rockford ~ 2 left

Stars ~ 4 left

Seasons Greetings ~ 4 left


Anonymous said...

Andy, I will take one mittens and one stars please

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

I see an order for 2, please send an email to: