Sunday, September 25, 2022

South Dakota Trip

We are back from a great vacation in South Dakota.  We had driven WEST with Linda's  Mom and Step Dad in 2004, 18 years ago, so this was our 2nd time here but no less exciting!  The trip was planned by our friend Joan and included us, and my brother Carl and his wife Beth.  

Day 1 Arrived in the afternoon and dinner at Fuji Japanese Steakhouse  this was filled with good food and lots of laughter, a great way to start.

Day 2 We spent in downtown Rapid City.  Starting our day with brunch at Tally's Silver Spoon.  I highly recommend this place, the food was very good. Rapid City has statues of every president on every corner and we found them ALL!.  It was fun crisscrossing the streets and guessing who the president was.  Props to my bro who guessed most of them.  Here we are with Lincoln, who because of him we were able to all be together!
After a full day of walking in the hot sun we went back to our hotel for drinks and snacks.

Day 3  If you know Joan, you will not be surprised that our mode of transportation was a Limo!

We started with Custer State Park in the Black Hills. The views were magnificent.

The Needles (rocks) Sylvan Lake, and the tunnels through rocks.  A stop at Crazy Horse

A surprise view of Mount Rushmore.

Finishing our evening with a night show at Mount Rushmore

Day 4   Our limo took us to the Minuteman Missile National Site and the visitors center. WOW, thats all I can say. Followed by a drive through the Badlands. Another WOW...the views here are other worldly.   A MUST see.   We did group selfies everyday!

A stop at the famous Wall Drug and ending our sightseeing at the Museum of Geology. Followed by dinner at Sabatinos Italian.  A FULL day.

Day 5   Headed to Wyoming to Devils Tower!!
Carl, Linda and me walked 2 miles around the base. Stunning views of the valley. Well worth the walk. Lunch at Steerfish in Spearfish! And then a beautiful drive through canyons (Leads, SD)

In the four days of travel we saw: buffalo

Bighorn sheep

Mountain Goats

not to forget Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Wild Turkeys and LOTS of Prairie Dogs.
We arrived home very late on Friday night and I am already back to painting!

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