Thursday, August 18, 2022

weeks update...

The week is flying by with no painting time! Tuesday I played carpenters helper, helping my friend Ron put in the base cabinets in our kitchen. By helper, I mean lifting and handing him tools! Wednesday was our "play day". Rode bikes with our friends the Hildebrands. We did 16 miles on the tandem on the Mount Gretna Trail and then had a late lunch at Lazzaro's in Lebanon, PA. We really enjoy the family that owns this restaurant, very out going and SO Italian. They make dining so much fun.  Thursday is set up at Mount Gretna. This is a hard set up, you may not drive to your booth so you dolly pretty far.  That's LOTS of trips back and forth.

I was thinking, this makes 41 years at this show. My first year was 1981 and I was 28 years old. In those days this was a BIG deal show, I was showing with the "big boys" and I was GREEN! I did not own a tent and was using tarps. It was a mess. I was SO out of my comfort zone and out of my league. I was not ready to be exhibiting with this group! On Sunday morning they had a Pancake Breakfast and we walked in and the main table was filled with all the big named artists. Bruce Johnson, Lynne Yancha, Nancy Strailey, plus others and they were chatting about showing and being an artist, sharing stories and it was intimidating.  The first few years I was not invited to that table! I was so starry eyed and new and inexperienced. Eventually I was accepted. They are all no longer showing and I am now the next older generation of artists. I am now the old guard and there is no longer a breakfast. I was thinking that another five years and it will be our turn to retire and hopefully there will be a new group ready to take over... I have had the same space location for most of the years. I went from a tarp to my own tent, then to a double booth where a local tent company put it up for me, then I put up my own double booth until 2017 when I went down to one booth but still in my usual space location.  I have been here so long there have been three show directors!  This is a great show with professional artists and craftsmen.  Worth your time to come out and walk around.  There is food and music and ME!  

Mount Gretna Art Show
Saturday, August 20 from 9 to 6
Sunday, August 21 from 9-5
Booth #210

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