Wednesday, June 8, 2022

2022 Landscape #14

mini original watercolor   $250

I LOVE Lancaster County farmland. Right now everything is a beautiful lush green. Finding this inspiration is a good reason to keep riding my bike!

Speaking of bikes, today is our tandem riding day, going out with our friends the Hildebrands to the Enola Low Grade trail. Starting at the Colemanville Church Road entrance and riding across the newly finished Safe Harbor Bridge and back. About 17 miles round trip with lunch at Frog Town Cafe.   We were blessed with perfect weather.

We watched an interesting documentary on Netflix.    In Search of Greatness.
I learned two things. 1) Our kids are too structured, they need free play time. 2) there are kids who do not follow the normal rules, they are driven to explore on their own, imagining new ways to do something. Interesting as a (retired) coach to think about. It was worth a watch.

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