Wednesday, April 6, 2022

2022 Window #2


mini original watercolor  $225.

I simply wanted to try something just because,... just because I felt like it.  I wanted to play with light.  I know the subject matter is a bit odd.  This is our down to the studs kitchen,  but it is the light that moved me.

Last April I started the question for the day and I enjoyed thinking and answering.  Go back to April 2022 and read them if you just joined my blog.  It seems I run out of things to blog about each April...I am going back to some questions.

Question for the day: How did you get through 2 years of Covid?  To be honest the first year felt like vacation, giving us a glimpse of what retirement would look like.   All my shows cancelled for the year (2020)  It gave us time to rest, read catch our breath. Did some things around the house, we got to enjoy the back yard.  Linda read and started puzzles.   I painted whatever I felt like with no thoughts to selling. I still painted every day but with a different mindset.  With no new inspiration through travel I had to reach back to my older photos.   We already had a strong presence on my website, blog, Facebook so we just remarketed.  Linda was thinking outside the box, In the beginning I blogged about how to display your mini paintings, ran online art shows, featured a digital travel theme, did a limited Spring print,  I was blessed with commissions,  did some videos and was generally blessed with online sales.  We did a handful of shows in 2021.  I added regular backyard shows which went well.  So for us we did not miss a beat.  I know many of my artist friends struggled so I feel very blessed.   We have loyal dedicated clients and friends who supported me through the two years.  But we are both ready to get out there again...

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