Wednesday, April 27, 2022

2022 Still Life #14

mini original watercolor     $225

I am so excited to be painting from Stratford Hall...

I had a hard day today, I had to put my beloved cat Max down due to some issues. Doing the right thing is always so hard. He was a pound rescue at age 4 and my buddy for 11 years.  

On a happier note, a friend visited bearing gifts.  A huge thank you to Lynn.

She is unbelievably talented.  She is always making me treats.  She makes the BEST shortbread!  This was fantastic lemon pound cake that did not last the night!  The pillow is all hand made, her stitching is beautiful, and its filled with lavender, my favorite scent and the little egg is dyed with onion skins and scratched.  All that talent and super nice!

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