Monday, March 14, 2022

2022 Landscape #3

FRAMED in 10x7" black wood (not available in walnut) 
mini original watercolor.   

A Lancaster County farm scene.  This one is a favorite, strong color.

I have my next commission drawn on the watercolor paper
and waiting for approval before I start painting.

The weekend flew by.  Friday we spent the evening with our friends the Hildebrands.  Actually had dinner at the Bullfrog Inn in Christiana PA  We had excellent burgers and the girls had crab bisque.  The price of crab has gone way up!  But it felt almost normal to be out.  Then spent the night playing dominos and as usual I was last!   Saturday was slated to be our big kitchen demolish day.  But of course the snow storm cancelled the plans.  Linda was pretty bummed.  The project feels like its taking forever with patience not being her strong suit!  I just paint...   We have been watching the show Billions, I now have no faith in elected officials or hedge funds!  

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