Tuesday, February 1, 2022

2022 Goose - Bird #17

4x6” mini original watercolor   $275.

He is big and proud!  I went with a different kind of bird today, just to shake things up.  
Thank you Carol for the subject.

I was given permission to show the commission.  There are 5 objects of huge family significance.  My client gave them to me so I am working live rather than using a photo.  I arranged them on a shelf and felt I needed to draw it first to get a real feel.  I draw free hand so this took several days.

Three pieces of glass!  The poor pig was broken and glued back together, and I am sure there is a story to go with that!  I am painting in the repairs. They wanted coins and a sprig of lilac added and I plan to change the shelf a bit in my next drawing.

So this drawing was approved.  The next step is to redraw onto my watercolor paper.  I am trying to balance this with the daily paintings.

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