Monday, January 10, 2022

2022 Northern Flicker - Bird #2

 4x6” mini original watercolor  $275

Another Flicker.  I found my bird groove!  

I spent the morning running errands.  Linda is determined to send items where they get the best use.   Several bags to Goodwill, donated hearing aids for parts, electric shavers went to the Gate House and stopped at the post office.  Someone picked up the sewing machine.  Linda spent the day painting in the cottage.  The rest of my day was spent painting my bird.

Story:  So life is not like in the movies...shocker right!  In the movies the beautiful woman puts on a big hat and big dark sunglasses and a big pocketbook and waltzes into the bank showing a safety deposit key belonging to???  The bewitched male teller lets her right in.  No questions, she empties the box and is out in a flash.   It did not work this way on Friday.  Linda needed to get into Grandpas box for the will.  So maybe her outfit was not up to movie standard, no hat, glasses or bag.  The teller was a woman.  She is striking out so far.   Linda got as far as the teller looking up the account and saying no she cannot get in, here is a form to the state requesting entrance.  Later in the day she gets a call, if she comes in someone will be with her to make sure she is only taking the will and not the stashed cash or family jewels... big laugh here...   But there is lots of paperwork, the assistant watches and confirms only a will was removed (there is an envelope marked marriage license and another marked Army papers!) 
 no cash or jewels.  Fills out a  form she must mail to the IRS.  Seems the IRS want to make sure they get their cut of whatever may be in that box.  Wish they took a cut of the bills!  So the lesson I learned is stash your stuff in an account in the Caymans! 

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