Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2022 Hudgins Va #3

6x4” mini original watercolor   $225.

Sunrise, 6:47am  I know this is a bit dark but the pink is stunning.  This set of paintings look so much better in person.  One more to go.

I think Linda is starting to feel like she is getting somewhere.  The bedroom and living room in our rental cottage are finished: fresh paint on the walls and trim, the carpet was cleaned and new LED bulbs in all the overhead lights.  Half the kitchen is also finished and we are waiting for her brother to finish some minor repairs.   A new faucet coming and new flooring for the kitchen and bath are ordered.  Tomorrow she starts painting the bathroom.  My job is to wipe everything down.  Renting in February or March 1st, if you know anyone wanting to move to a perfect location in Lititz let me know.  We are not advertising it.  Looking for an older single, no smoking.    Grandpas apartment is going slower.  I took a few more bags to goodwill and a nice load to Art of Recycle.  If you know someone in need of an almost new single bed let me know.   Her Mom had boxes and boxes, well a lifetime (80+ years) of photos and photo albums that we have been going through.  I think that job is finished.  As for our house reno, that is a bit slower.  We (mostly Linda!) is exercising patience with that.  We did buy a nice exhaust fan for the new bathroom!   I was informed it is time to close out the books for the end of year and gather tax stuff.  AND it is time to decide on shows for the year.  It is a busy time of year business wise.  I am doing whatever I am asked to do and painting!
We are squeezing in some fun tonight.  Having dinner with some friends we have not seen since Covid.   Eating in!

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